Parents are their children’s first and enduring educators and understand their children better than anyone else. By sharing their children’s interests, strengths and needs parents help the key person to plan experiences and activities that will capture their interests and fire their imagination and enthusiasm. That is why we believe the relationship you have with the the playgroup is vital.

Please take a look at the following sections to help with your child’s development and day-to-day activities.

Opening Times
Information about Rainbow Playgroup and Sunshine Pre-School Opening Times. Information about Playgroup Office Opening Times.

Term Dates
The latest dates for Playgroup terms, holidays and training days.

Settling In and My First Day
All the information you’ll need to ensure your child is ready for their first day at playgroup.  Including how to purchase their Book Bag and Uniform.

Learning and Development
Helpful information about how your child will learn at the Playgroup, and how you can support learning from home.

Collecting your Child
Important information about picking up your child at the end of their session.

Forced Closures
Sometimes the weather beats us and staff or children might force the playgroup to shut. Find out first.

Find out how you can help support your playgroup. We’ve made it easy to fit into your busy life.

Fees and Funding
Find out how fees and funding work for your child.

Playgroup & School Policies
All the Playgroup policies to protect your child and you.